Growing up in the panhandle/caprock of Texas, Drew has been around hunting his entire life. Being in the middle of whitetail, mule deer, and pronghorn country, opportunities to be in the outdoors were plentiful. Shooting his first mule deer at the age of 8, Drew was immediately addicted to hunting.  As a Freshman in college Drew began his time as a guide doing whitetail and pronghorn hunts in the Texas Panhandle. The love of the outdoors has continued ever since.



My name is Reis Ladd. Born and raised in South Texas I was fortunate enough to grow up hunting all over our state with an emphasis in the South Texas brush country. Since then, I have been blessed to hunt across many of the western states each year while still living and hunting in Texas. When not chasing big game, you can find me and my yellow lab Jack chasing waterfowl and redfish along the Texas coast. From whitetails to wild hogs, elk to antelope, and every furred and feathered game in between, my love for hunting compounded with every experience and continues to each day I spend in the outdoors.

At an early age I was aware hunting and conservation was my passion, and as I grew it became clear it was also my purpose in life. Graduating from Texas A&M University in 2016, I entered the construction industry while making it a priority to spend all my free time in the outdoors working towards a career within the field I loved. I soon realized the only thing I enjoyed more than spending time hunting for myself was helping others do the same. I look forward to spending each day helping new friends achieve their goals in the outdoors.