Elk Hunting

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Elk Hunting

Arguably the most sought after of the western big game species, the Rocky Mountain Elk and the state of Texas are not frequently thought to go hand in hand. However, after having been extirpated from Texas in the early 1900s, elk were reintroduced into the rugged mountains of West Texas and now pose great opportunity for hunters in search of a bonafide free range bull. Here at Texas Hunting Resources we have been blessed with access to some of the highest quality and highest density elk country in the state. The majority of our elk hunts take place in September and October during the rut when calling is very effective and often leads to close encounters. The elk on our ranches are managed and hunted in a manner that mitigates pressure resulting in mature bulls that are highly susceptible to calling.

Managed as an exotic by the state, licenses are over the counter requiring no special draw and no closed season. While our elk live in some rocky and thorn stricken habitat, elevations are between 3,000 and 5,000 feet, considerably lower than most western elk herds. The combination of large private ranches with good infrastructure and lower elevations lend to elk that are more easily accessible to hunters of all abilities.

These all inclusive hunts are 4 days, ½ day on arrival, 3 full days, and ½ day on departure. Typically these are 1×1 guided but can be done 2×1 if necessary. Home style meals and ranch house style lodging are included as well.
In these high desert hunts temperatures often exceed 90 degrees fahrenheit and every living plant and animal is trying to poke, stick, or bite you.
300”+ bulls are to be expected as trophies.


Elk Hunting GEAR LIST

  • Good leather boots that can withstand cactus and sharp rocks
  • Solid back packs that can hold personal items and water
  • Durable warm weather clothing
  • Light Jacket (warmer clothing will needed to be warn for winter hunts)
  • Rain Gear
  • Larger Caliber gun recommend .270 or larger
  • Personal Optics (spotting scope and binoculars)
  • Outdoor Edge changeable blade knives
  • Depending on location a sleeping bag will be necessary
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Snake Gators
  • Shooting Sticks
  • Head Lamp
  • Two large ice chests for meat and cape

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