Elk Hunting

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Elk Hunting

Elk hunting in Texas is a little different scenario than one may think when trophy elk hunting comes to mind. Our big dark timber is juniper, white brush, hackberry tree and mesquite choked draws and our grassy meadows are greasewood flats.

The high temps of the rut make hunting these big boys tough, mainly hunting them in the early morning and late evening. We spot and stalk as well as call these bulls in. Elk have always been native to Texas, but over harvest required reintroduction from our neighboring states populations and as a result the current elk herd in Texas is healthy and growing, having spread through much of the Trans-Pecos region.

These are four-day hunts, with one half day at arrival, three full days, and a half day on departing. Our elk hunts are typically 1×1 guided hunts but can be done 2×1 guided. All home style meals and ranch house style lodging are included.

Expect temperatures in the upper 90s and everything trying to stick, poke or bite you throughout the hunt.

300” plus bulls are to be expected as trophies.


Elk Hunting GEAR LIST

  • Good leather boots that can withstand cactus and sharp rocks
  • Solid back packs that can hold personal items and water
  • Durable warm weather clothing
  • Light Jacket (warmer clothing will needed to be warn for winter hunts)
  • Rain Gear
  • Larger Caliber gun recommend .270 or larger
  • Personal Optics (spotting scope and binoculars)
  • Outdoor Edge changeable blade knives
  • Depending on location a sleeping bag will be necessary
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Snake Gators
  • Shooting Sticks
  • Head Lamp
  • Two large ice chests for meat and cape

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