Pronghorn Hunting

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Pronghorn Hunting

The prairies of the Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico are home to large numbers of pronghorn antelope. These private land hunts are more relaxed in nature with lots of driving and glassing from vehicles in search of the mature trophy buck we want. While physically less demanding than our other big game, the superb eyesight, herd mentality, erratic nature, and the fact these antelope are the fastest land animals in North America make for a challenging hunt.

These all inclusive hunts are 3 days, ½ day on arrival, 2 full days, and ½ day on departure. All inclusive homestyle meals, ranch house lodging and 2×1 professional guiding are all included.

70-80” bucks are to be expected as trophies.


Pronghorn Hunting GEAR LIST

  • Good leather boots that can withstand cactus and sharp rocks
  • Solid back packs that can hold personal items and water
  • Durable warm weather clothing
  • Light Jacket (warmer clothing will need to be warn for winter hunts)
  • Rain Gear
  • 243 or larger caliber
  • Personal Optics (spotting scope and binoculars)
  • Outdoor Edge changeable blade knives
  • Depending on location a sleeping bag will be necessary
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Snake Gators
  • Shooting Sticks
  • Head Lamp
  • One large ice chest for meat and cape

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