Varmint Hunting and Helicopter Hunting

WITH Texas Hunting Resources

Varmint Hunting

Night time and day time varmint hunts are a good off season break for most big game hunters.  In Texas we are allowed to hunt day or night for predators.  Using high end calls, guns and lights we offer great varmint hunts for gray fox, bobcat, coyotes, racoons and even the occasional mountain lion.  These hunts are offered by the day per person and are all inclusive with meals and lodging.  They can be added to other big game hunts for additional cost.

Helicopter Pig/Coyote Hunting

It is hard to think of Texas hunting and not think of hogs. Every year the feral pig numbers increase in the state and with that the resulting destruction to the landscape and agriculture. One of the most effective means in reducing hog populations is helicopter gunning, which happens to be one of the most exciting as well.

Here at Texas Hunting Resources we offer 3 hour minimum helicopter hunts with the option to add on additional hours. Hunters will be provided with suppressed AR-15s in .223 caliber, ammunition, and RV transportation with breakfast, drinks, and snacks. These hunts do not offer additional meals or lodging. We will be using R44 helicopters with a 1-2 shooter capacity, depending on the total weight.


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